It typically would take about 12-15 rupees of electricity to fully charge the battery of E-Bike. The cost will vary in different states, and it will be different for model to model. But the finally the maintenance cost and running cost is low for these vehicles when compared with other petrol/diesel vehicles.

It would depend upon battery and charger, But standard Led Acid battery would take around 5-6 hrs to charge and Lithium battery would take around 3-4 hrs to charge. If a higher rating charger is used it may damage the batteries and reduce the life of the battery considerably. We always suggest to use recommended charger by battery manufacture and Vehicle manufacturer is advisable.

The range of vehicle depends on number of things
1) Weight
2) Electrical and Mechanical Losses
3) Battery Technology
4) Battery Capacity
5) Load on Vehicle
6) Driving Conditions
7) Road Conditions
Rith auto electric vehicles have better quality parts the electrical and mechanical system have been designed to minimize the losses and low capabilities maintained ensuring the range of vehicle would be better than any other E-Bikes. The range of the vehicle of our models from hundred kilometers per charge in 60 minutes to 300km's per day. can, But you should avoid too much water logged roads.

Yes just like any other motor vehicle you can avail loan facility and Vehicle financing.

Yes, According to Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India(IRDAI) has made third party insurance mandatory for battery operated bikes.

Yes, according to Central Motor Vehicle rules(CMVR) driving license mandatory for E-Bike drivers.

Our model having 1200 watts capacity.

Normally E-Bikes manufactured with 48V system 750 watts motor capacity. But our E-Rickshaws will be manufactured with 72V,1200 watts motor systems. Rith auto providing a specialized unique electric vehicle battery system which will gives you 300km's per day run. And battery will be charged in 1 hour, the battery life will be 8-10 year's and warranty will be 8 years*.

*Conditions Apply

Yes, Our Li Batteries can be charged at 1C Rating, however the charger should be recommenced by Battery Manufacturer. If the battery was not designed for fast charging, the performance and life of battery will decrease.

Every battery will have a Ampere Specification on it, fast charging will be done by increasing the Ampere input through the charger. Ampere is nothing but the speed of current flow/electrons and on increasing the Ampere, battery gets charged faster but all the Batteries not Suitable for Fast Charging.

You Can Charge the Vehicle at your Home and charging stations with suggested charger and no need special Requirements. But You have to carefully check the Charge Voltage and Ampere according to your Vehicle Model Specifications provided by Vehicle Manufacturer.

Yes,According to model we will Provide on-board or off-Board chargers.

No, you can only charge through Manufacturer suggested charger. Otherwise it may damage Battery, Parts and vehicle. Some times it may lead to explode the battery.

Anti theft feature will be two types :

  • when unauthorized person is trying to access your vehicle then anti theft alarm will be activated and it will give warning sounds. If still the unauthorized person try to move your Vehicle then EBS (Emergency Braking System) will be activated.

  • If the vehicle is stolen and its switched off then also we can track your vehicle, however these options will not be provided to all the Models.

you can start your vehicle without Key through using wireless remote(vehicle distance should be less than 100 feet) and some models have Android Mobile access option with that application you can start or stop your vehicle through your Mobile.

Spare parts will be available only at our authorized Dealers and Service stations only.

In that case you have to switch off the vehicle and don't try to repair your self. Follow user manuals and Quick troubleshoot Guide and If still not resolved contact Customer care. Our Customer care Executive will provide proper technical assistance or will inform to nearest Service station.

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